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NFL has television’s top-30 rated broadcasts since start of the season

Vincent Frank
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL was a dying entity. Fans were put off by the entire National Anthem controversy of years back.

Whatever the narrative regarding North America’s biggest sports league might have been, we can now throw pretty much all of this out the window.

According to numbers from the NFL itself, television’s top-30 rated broadcasts since the season started are all football games.

In fact, they represent 34 of the top 35 with the only exception being the Democratic Presidential Debate back on Sept. 12.

These are some absolutely astonishing numbers. We’re talking network broadcast during Sunday afternoon, not just nationally televised games in the evening.

As the NFL’s popularity continues to grow, the record revenue we’ve seen around the league will increase with it.

No political discord will change this. The NFL is its own brand. This is not changing any time soon. These numbers prove that and more.