NFL files motion to dismiss NFLPA lawsuit in Ezekiel Elliott case

If we were wondering whether the Ezekiel Elliott situation would be settled outside of the court system, we really don’t have to wonder much more.

According to MMQB’s Albert Breer, the NFL has filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit the NFLPA filed against the league for a temporary restraining order (TRO) stemming from Elliott’s six-game suspension.

First off, this likely means that the arbitrator Harold Henderson will uphold some (if not all) of Elliott’s suspension. The motion itself claims that Texas does not hold jurisdiction over the NFL arbitration process and the collective bargaining agreement.

The NFL’s motion seems to be a precursor to further legal action in the state of Texas, where the NFLPA filed its lawsuit late last week. If the league’s motion to dismiss is granted, Elliott’s suspension will stand. If not, the star running back will play short-term until the legal situation itself plays out.

More than anything, this is the league tipping its hand that it will be going to battle big time with the NFLPA over the Elliott suspension.