NFL fans freak out over Lamar Jackson almost crashing into jet ski playing beach football

Jesse Reed
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Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Video of Lamar Jackson playing beach football with some friends emerged Sunday, and it freaked fans out big time. The reason folks nearly lost their minds is that the reigning NFL MVP and Baltimore Ravens superstar nearly crashed into a jet ski.

Check out Jackson here dropping back to pass before taking off across the sand and leaping over the top of a jet ski parked right off shore.

No lie. Jackson’s lucky he didn’t get hurt there.

Coming off one of the most impressive second seasons ever by an NFL quarterback, Jackson has fans across the world. The leader of the Baltimore Ravens is set to grace the cover of “Madden 21,” too, which wasn’t lost on some.

Here’s how the NFL world reacted to watching Lamar Jackson nearly eat it playing beach football.