How each NFL fan base feels at three-quarter mark

By Rachel Wold

At the three-quarter mark of the NFL season, each team has journeyed long to arrive at its current standing.

Among them, the Panthers have swung an undefeated season, the Patriots got knocked from their perch recently, the Chiefs have managed a threatening comeback and more than a few teams have seen seasons torpedoed by injuries galore.

Let’s check in to see how each of the 32 NFL fan bases are feeling about their respective teams at this point in the season.

NFC East

Washington Redskins (5-7): Fans are critical

Random mishaps that have occurred throughout the season for Washington compels fans to criticize their team.

A fine example came when receiver DeSean Jackson just went for a head-scratching return play that saw him scramble around for negative yardage then fumble the ball in Week 13’s loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

“Pitiful excuse for a game. Had the opportunity to shine under the Monday night lights. And we crumbled. Out coached, out played. Special teams gave up that huge return at end of game, idiot Jackson, and a missed 43 yard field goal.”

This is why the NFC East remains very much up for grabs.

Philadelphia Eagles (5-7): Fans keep the faith

Dec 7, 2014; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Young fans lead the Philadelphia Eagles out of the tunnel to begin a game against the Seattle Seahawks at Lincoln Financial Field. The Seahawks defeated the Eagles 24-14. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Egos are flying high since the return of Sam Bradford and a timely 35-28 win over Tom Brady and the New England Patriots last Sunday.

That said, fans recognize that Philly hasn’t always managed to get their “A” game together other times this season.

“This was a great game to watch, it was nice to see the players have a fire in them, was nice to see chip showing emotion! Our squad is not as bad as they have played…. No matter what I love my Eagles, this season has been rough, but don’t make it about how we start, make it about how we finish fellas…. FLY EAGLES FLY!!!”

Despite a poor record, Philly is among those in the hunt for a playoff spot in the NFC.

New York Giants (5-7): Fans sick and tired

The Giants have had several opportunities to take the NFC East by the reins and run the show this year.

Unfortunately, boneheaded coaching calls and untimely Eli Manning turnovers blow late leads for the Giants on a regular basis.

Due to a major lack of consistency when either the awesome or horrific version of Manning shows up, the team rides third place in its division.

Dallas Cowboys (4-8): Fans brutally honest and love Dan Bailey

The Cowboys and their fans will obviously take a win anyway they can get one these days.

“Although last night’s win was incredibly ugly, it was still a win and it kept the Cowboys in the race for the division. Now onto the Packers and getting vindication for being robbed in last year’s play-offs by the replay official….Go COWBOYS !!!!!!!!!!!!”

With the team struggling to put points on the board sans quarterback Tony Romo, fans realize who the Cowboys true MVP is.

“Dan Bailey, who art in Dallas. Hallowed be thy leg. Thy kick is up, thy kick is good, at home as it is away. Give us this drive our field goal, and forgive us our failed conversions.”

Only one win below the rest of the NFC East, the ‘Boys are hanging in.

NFC North

Green Bay Packers (8-4): Fans feel revived

NFL: Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers

The general consensus surrounding the Packers fanbase is one of revival.

This was seen in many fan posts after Thursday’s Hail Mary win against the Detroit Lions and the Vikings last loss.

“We are back baby, Kings of The NFC North ! Go Pack Go!”

Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews jerseys round out the top 20 in sales since Thanksgiving Day, showing restored fan commitment.

Going for the Packers, they still have the most successful quarterback in their division to lead them down the final stretch.

Minnesota Vikings (8-4): Fans frustrated with coaching

Teddy Bridgewater is struggling in the passing game, as shown by his eight/eight touchdown to interception ratio.

Meanwhile, when the coaches give Adrian Peterson more work, the Vikings are more successful, as this fan detailed.

“Peterson has had 19 or more carries in all 8 Wins, but 13 or less carries in all 4 losses. Simple Science, more carries for Peterson, less passing for Bridgewater! Why does Turner stop giving Peterson carries, Bridgewater can not win the game for the Vikings!”

We hear ya. More A.P. and less Teddy.

Chicago Bears (5-7): Fans have mixed emotions

The Chicago Bears aren’t likely to out-seat their divisional rival Packers and Vikings at this point, though devoted fans love to look at the glass half full.

“The bears can win out and the vikings/packers can lose out….we win the division!!!!!!!”

Then there are fans who are fed up to their eyeballs with Jay Cutler’s hot-and-cold performances.

Realistically, Cutler is playing just well enough this season that he’ll likely be a fixture in 2016.

Detroit Lions (4-8): Fans feel ripped off

After a slow start to the season, the Lions finally found their groove. Though a couple of questionable referee calls kicked the wind out of the team’s sails this season.

Fans are starting to sense a trend that is leaning towards referees favoring opposing squads when it comes to penalties.

“Lions were robbed again and again by sugar coated refs. They want Packers and Rodgers to be the darlings of the NFL. Small market teams won’t go to Super Bowl.”

Unfortunately for the Lions, getting the shaft hasn’t helped their status this season.

NFC South

Carolina Panthers (12-0): Fans are elated

What is there not to be stoked about for Panthers fans?

The team has clinched its division and has a cake walk of opponents left to play over its next four games. Even NBA champion Steph Curry is on board for his team to go 16-0.

If the Panthers can ride the train of victory all the way to the Super Bowl, it will be the team’s first championship appearance since 2003.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-6): Fans excited about their quarterback

A rookie quarterback is breathing life back into a team that hasn’t won this many games since 2012, and Buccaneers fans feel proud.

Courtesy of Reinhold Matay, USA Today Sports“Jameis Winston has been a model citizen and teammate from the moment he was drafted. He has said all the right things, worked harder than anyone, gushed about his blessings and love for his team, and put together one of the greatest rookie QB seasons in NFL history.”

And, for the first time in ages, the Bucs rank 7th in the NFC and are actually in the hunt for a playoff slot.

Atlanta Falcons (6-6): Fans are fed up 

The Falcons entered 2015 looking like contenders, though in reality the team is now among the league’s pretenders.

After posting six wins in seven games, the Falcons have lost the last five in a row. And, that was to some softer competition.

“Lol Shanahan is bout to kill the rest of whats left of Matt Ryan career…”

New Orleans Saints (4-8): Fans still show the love

After the Saints challenged the Panthers in Sunday’s close loss, true fans still believe in their team despite an overall poor season.

“…losing only by 3pts. to an 11-0 team, I would say they had some “fire” back in their game yesterday?? Love the Saints forever!!!”

“That final throw by Brees was absolutely beautiful, and should have been caught for a walk off TD.”

Not going anywhere and resting at the bottom of the NFC, it’s still good to see true fans remain loyal to the core.

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals (10-2): Fans are proud

Sep 27, 2015; Glendale, AZ, USA; Arizona Cardinals cornerback Justin Bethel (28) and wide receiver Jaron Brown (13) following the game against the San Francisco 49ers at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Cardinals are coasting through the season with their No. 1 ranked offense and fourth-ranked defense and have a comfy three-game lead over the Seattle Seahawks.

And with a Super Bowl appearance a realistic possibility, fans are darn proud of their team.

“Let the Red sea rock Thursday and let them HEAR YOU!!!!! Protect the Nest!!!! Lets do this Arizona Cardinals!! Soooo proud of all of our Team!!! This is the time to step it up!! Get tough!!! we must have this win!!!!”

Considering Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald are playing as if they are 25 again, the sky is the limit for the Cardinals situated in second place in the NFC.

Seattle Seahawks (7-5): Fans feeling a Super Bowl

After a bumpy start to the season, the Seahawks have found stable ground, and have won their last three games.

Therefore, diehard fans are predicting that Seattle will make it to a third Super Bowl in a row this February.

Fortunately for hopeful fans, the Seahawks have a quite legit chance now that Russell Wilson and Co. have worked out many of the kinks.

St. Louis Rams (4-8): Fans have lost respect

The Rams are a pathetic and desperate mess at this point in the season, thus the mindset of many fans is utter disrespect.

In fact, quarterback Nick Foles performances this season have been so terrible, other fans are calling for Tim Tebow to come to the rescue.

“Meh. Pick up Tebow and run the option. At least it would be interesting. Can’t be any worse..”

If the Rams don’t get their heads out of the sand, Foles and other key Rams brass will be hitting the unemployment line next season.

San Francisco 49ers (4-8): Fans thrilled with quarterback change

A change at the guard post from a struggling Colin Kaepernick to Blaine Gabbert has been a refreshing change according to some fans.

“Since Kaepernick left this team has been playing better, it was pretty clear what the problem was this season.”

Blaine Gabbert“Feels so good to have a real QB again! Thank you Blaine for playing so well and making it more likely each week that we have seen the last of that piece of trash #7 disgracing a 49ers uniform. Bye Fumblepick! Buh bye!”

The 49ers don’t have much hope to salvage their season, but things do appear to be looking up.

AFC East

New England Patriots (10-2): Fans fast-forwarding to February

Undefeated until Week 12, Patriots fans aren’t worried about a little blip that saw the team lose back-to-back games.

Instead, the consensus of the fans is that the Patriots will be at Super Bowl 50 in February.

“The Patriots will STILL make it to the SuperBowl and WIN…. AGAIN!”

So, save the date and pencil in the Patriots for February 5, 2016.

New York Jets (7-5): Fans love Brandon Marshall and own New York

As a result of their last two wins, including one against the New York Giants, Jets fans are claiming ownership of New York.

“Now who’s the real New York team! Yea! Lets say it jets fans… J! E! T! S! Jets! Jets! Jets!”

Fans also love the presence of Brandon Marshall, who has scored 10 touchdowns this season.

“Love that we have Marshall on our team. Him and Decker are quickly becoming 2 of my favorite Jets.”

New players and a new coach have the Jets in the hunt for the playoffs after 12 games.

Buffalo Bills (6-6): Fans are shameless

As the Bills try to muddle their way up the ladder in the AFC East, fans continue to show no shame while they wreak havoc and make messes at their rowdy tailgate parties.


Rex Ryan wanted to build a bully this year, and is quite apparent that the fans have inherited his spirit. The Bills currently come in at No. 8 in the AFC.

Miami Dolphins (5-7): Fans are burned-out

Miami’s 2015 season isn’t shaping up according to plan thus far, and fans are calling out the blaring elephants in the room.

“Has anyone in the film room noticed that Tannehill is not a QB yet?”

“Bobby, u got owned sun. U arent ready for competition bro. That was matt freakn schaub jackn u.”

So far this season, the Dolphins possess the 29th-ranked offense coupled with the 27th-ranked defense, which completely explains the team’s measly five wins.

AFC North

Cincinnati Bengals (10-2): Fans remain focused

The Bengals are riding high after 12 games and own the No. 1 spot in the AFC. For that, fans are focusing on the competition ahead with the hope that the team goes all the way.

“We have the Steelers at home. Then we get Blaine Gabbert, Brock Osweiler (or an old Peyton), and Matt Shaub. 14-2? Who Dey?!”

The Bengals will undoubtedly make it to the playoffs. Though, it’s winning in the postseason that the team has struggled with the last four years. Perhaps 2015 will be the year Andy Dalton and Co. can close the deal.

Pittsburgh Steelers (7-5): Fans in awe of Big Ben and Antonio Brown

The Steelers have been tough this season and have gritted their teeth and performed well despite adverse circumstances.

Playing through various injuries this season, Ben Roethlisberger has been a true force for defenses to limit.

“Big Ben. One of the great Q. Back’s that has ever played. No one better than him. Go Steelers.”

And, we can all attribute much of Big Ben’s success to Antonio Brown, who is a fan-favorite to watch each game.

Still very much in the hunt, don’t count those feisty Steelers out.

Baltimore Ravens (4-8): Fans still taking glass-half-full approach

The Ravens have had the worst of luck when it comes to injuries this season. Though the show must go on and fans still show up to watch their muddling team.

“I’m actually proud of this team also. It seems we lose a star player every week. No tight ends, no receivers, rookie runningback, schaub as the qb, etc. and every single week the Ravens are still in the game…”

To say that the Ravens drew the short stick this season would be an understatement. That’s why it is fantastic to see that the fans have stuck with the team through such a dreary season.

Cleveland Browns (2-10): Fans are ashamed 

The Browns are a true mess at this point, and fans are distressed. However, the “Dawgpound” continues to show up to support the team.

One huge problem for the Browns is inconsistency at the quarterback position. And for this, the fans are lashing out.

“Johnny Manziel named starting QB. Expected to play 12.5 snaps before being suspended by team. Austin Davis, followed by Mickey Mouse to fill in until Manziel can be renamed the starter.”

Until the Browns can sort out their personnel issues, the team will occupy space at the bottom of the NFL’s garbage can.

AFC South

Indianapolis Colts (6-6): Fans want front office cleaned out

Grigson Irsay SN

The Colts are another NFL team dealing with adversity.

Frustrated with the team’s overall lack of success, fans are calling for changes at the top.

“The whole front office needs to be cleaned out pronto. It blows my mind how, with all the talent on offense, they still somehow manage to look so mediocre week in and week out. And don’t even get me started in the defense. It’s abysmal and for some reason that idiot Grigson drafted a wide receiver.”

While the Colts wait for Andrew Luck to mend, they’ll have to fight tooth and nail to remain at the top of their division.

Houston Texans (6-6): Fans remain hopeful

With the Texans only a half of a game behind the Colts in the AFC South, fans are hopeful the team can turn that situation around.

We still in it.. (Texans) We need the colts to lose tonight.”

And lose the Colts did in Week 13, as did the Texans. For the Texans to assume the lead in the division, they’re going to have to put pedal to the medal when they face New England, up next.

Jacksonville Jaguars (4-8): Fans fast doing the math

For the Jaguars to have any fighting chance in their division, they’ll need to win out and see the Colts and Texans lose the next few games.

Knowing the tight situation the team is in, fans are calculating out the season.

“Let me tell you how important that last game was to win… You win that then beat the Colts it’s no way in hell the Texans will beat the Patriots and we would be all tied up at 6-7.. Our Coaches don’t want players to think about the playoffs but that’s nonsense!!”

If the Jags can ball-out for the remainder of the season and come up with eight wins, it will be the most wins the team has seen since 2010.

Tennessee Titans (3-9): Fans excited about future 

The Titans already have more wins than they managed last season. And, even though they rest at the bottom of the heap, fans are still excited about the future with Marcus Mariota under center.

We’ll let the Titans fans enjoy their moment while the team strives to finish 2015 at 7-9.

AFC West

Denver Broncos (10-2): Fans not confident

What’s become a common trend this season is that Denver is winning based more on the skill of its defense rather than the talent of the offense.

For this, fans are not confident about the Broncos success moving forward.

“I don’t see us winning in Pittsburgh. Can’t overlook Oakland this week, The Bengals are going to be very tough as well. That final game hosting San Diego will probably be a must win for us. KC has a much easier remaining schedule and could still catch us.”

“3 game winning streak against a BAD Bears team, took 2 bad calls to beat NE, and then beat an AWFUL Chargers team. ANd the offense is no better under Osweiller than Manning. They have to have Manning to have a shot in the playoffs.”

Unarguably, these are some legit concerns for the Broncos as they face the home stretch with either Brock Osweiler or Peyton Manning under center.

Kansas City Chiefs (7-5): Fans looking to run the table

Eric Berry Chiefs

The Chiefs are snowballing downhill ( in a good way), gaining great speed in the AFC West with six wins in a row.

And, with a favorable schedule of opponents ahead, fans are hoping for a shift in the tides in the division.

“Our Chiefs…Another big time road win. This team now has that same mojo our Royals had in 2014. If we don’t play flat and beat San Diego next Sunday, we’ll run the table and finish 11-5. We’ll be the most feared team in the playoffs!”

The millions of people who wrote off the Chiefs after the first six weeks could be eating a lot of crow come the end of the season.

Oakland Raiders (5-7): Fans have short-term goals

The Raiders already have more wins this season since they have since 2011, so there’s not much for fans to be gloomy about.

With the playoffs a bit out of reach, fans are more focused on the team’s short-term goals such as kicking some divisional butt.

“As a Raiders fan from CO. We need this win. Please. I can’t have these Donkey loving fools in my face about this. If you’re not gonna win for yourselves, think about me. Thank you.”

“Raiders come on baby let’s beat these donkeys!!!”

The Raiders have not beat the Broncos since September of 2011.

San Diego Chargers (3-9): Fans have thrown in the towel

What on earth went wrong for the Chargers to own such a terrible record after 12 games?

Answer: everything.

After managing just three lousy wins all season, the lack of fan attendance at Chargers home games has been quite apparent this season.

Simply stated, most fans refuse to spend good money to watch their team be embarrassed at home.