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NFL extending virtual offseason at least two more weeks amid coronavirus pandemic

Jesse Reed
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL will not be getting the “normal” offseason back as soon as it had hoped. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the league’s virtual program will continue at least two more weeks.

Roger Goodell: NFL will continue to adjust offseason as needed

Speaking with reporters during a conference call Thursday, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced the extension of the virtual offseason. He also said he’s hopeful NFL coaches can start coming into their facilities as early as next week.

Additionally, Godell said the NFL is continuing to prepare for the season to start on time but will adjust as needed.

Recently, a report emerged indicating that minicamps could be held at the end of June. That was quickly rebuffed by the NFLPA, however, which indicated there has been no agreement about any reopening plans.

On top of that, a report Thursday indicated the NFL and NFLPA might be headed toward a collision course over discussions about revenue losses. The term “sharing the pain” was used, which isn’t something anyone wants to hear.

Clearly, as much as the NFL wants things to get back to normal, that isn’t going to be an easy task.