NFL executives rip ‘disgusting’ reports on Myles Jack’s knee

By Michael Dixon

Despite reports to the contrary, some NFL executives have grown quite frustrated with the rumor that UCLA linebacker Myles Jack is a “time bomb” whose bone and cartilage is “starting to break away.”

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports quoted multiple NFL executives who ripped the reporting, saying that Jack’s knee problems are not an issue.

“This Myles Jack stuff is getting blown way out of proportion,” said one NFL executive. “I checked with our medical guys, again, and this stuff just is not true. It’s not something we would be worried about. Some agent or some team must be behind it. We’re not taking a linebacker there (in the first round), but if we were we wouldn’t have any problems taking him. We passed him without any real issues. This kid is a great player. His change of direction is awesome. This is getting totally blown out of proportion.”

It certainly is fair to wonder if these reports are coming from a team that hopes Jack falls to them. They could also be coming from someone in the camp of another player that would obviously want to get picked earlier.

Either way, it is very frustrating. We’re just a little more than a week away from the draft, and if these leaks have the desired result of dropping Jack in the draft, it would cost him potentially millions of dollars.

La Confora quoted another executive, who called the reports “disgusting.” And another, whose team obviously holds a later pick, said “If you get a feel for who has killed Jack for his medical, let me know. That kid is a player. We hope he falls to us.”

Certainly teams owe it to themselves to employ due diligence concerning the health of potential draft picks, especially high ones. It also wouldn’t be a huge problem if certain teams were worried about his health and stayed away.

That said, there’s a huge difference between one team staying away and another taking action that could damage a player’s draft status around the league. That line appears to have been crossed with Jack. It is good to see that some teams aren’t taking the bait.