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NFL deems Jarvis Landry’s controversial crack-back block legal

During last week’s game between the Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills, receiver Jarvis Landry absolutely decked cornerback Taron Johnson. He was coming into the middle of the field from the right sideline on a crack-back block, which ultimately sprung Carlos Hyde for a touchdown.

The next day, Bills players were highly critical of Landry, calling the play “dirty.” However, Browns head coach Hue Jackson defended his star, saying it was a perfectly legal play.

Now the league has made its stance clear on this topic, taking Landry’s side by not issuing a fine over the play.

In an age when defensive players are getting not only penalized, but also fined over plays that appear to be nothing more than textbook (like this), it’s not hard to understand why the Bills were upset that Landry blew up one of their guys.

But in the end, they’re barking up the wrong tree.