NFL can now discipline teams for uniform violations

NFL Logo. NFL changes rule on injured reserve.

One of the tweaks to the NFL rulebook heading into the 2017 season might have a significant impact as it pertains to fines for uniform violations.

As shared by Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, “The 2017 NFL rule book has added three words (‘and the club’) that now permit the Commissioner to impose discipline on both the player and the team for uniform violations, beyond any in-game penalties that could be called.”

Florio notes that this could certainly cut down on the amount of violations that occur, because team equipment staffs have certainly “had a role, directly or indirectly, in facilitating or allowing the violation to occur.”

In the past, players have born the entire brunt of the NFL’s disciplinary actions for things like wearing unauthorized artwork on shoes. Now that teams could also be subject to fines and/or other potential disciplinary actions, it seems reasonable to assume they’ll do a better job of making sure violations don’t occur.

Of course, many of the fines for uniform violations in the past have been pretty lame, especially in circumstances like this.

Oh well. At least players can celebrate now after scoring touchdowns. You win some, you lose some.