NFL admits to 16 missed calls in Packers-Jaguars game

By Jesse Reed
Courtesy of Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars lost by four points at home in Week 2 to the Green Bay Packers, but things might have been different if a plethora of missed calls had gone the other way.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the NFL has acknowledged a shocking number of calls went the wrong way.

“Of the 16 calls that the league recognized as going against the Jaguars, a key one was a missed defensive holding by Packers defensive back Micah Hyde against wide receiver Rashad Greene that would have given Jacksonville a first-and-goal from the Green Bay 9-yard line with under a minute left and a chance to win the game, the sources said. The Jaguars instead failed on the ensuing fourth-and-1 and lost 27-23.”

Wait a tick.

Did he really say 16?

Sixteen missed calls?

The ridiculously one-sided nature of the refereeing in this game gave the Packers a huge edge in a tight contest. To miss on this many calls brings into play the appearance of evil.

One of the players who was victimized by poor calls was receiver Marqise Lee. He and the other Jaguars receivers were harassed all game long without the benefit of holding or pass interference calls.

“I don’t know what the refs were looking at,” Lee said. “We had some [penalties] we felt should have been called.”

It’s absolutely crazy that the¬†“NFL agreed there were 16 calls that could have gone the other way,” as Schefter reports.

One wonders if we’ve heard the end of this. The refs couldn’t have been that blind, right?