NFC team reportedly turned down Odell Beckham Jr. trade offer

Odell Beckham Jr. is one of many NFL players who has a lot to prove in a contract year

On the heels of one report indicating that it’s highly unlikely the New York Giants will trade Odell Beckham Jr., there’s another report out there noting that the team offered up its top receiver to another NFC squad. Said team promptly passed because the asking price was too high.

We already know that the Giants were said to be asking for at least two first-round picks in exchange for OBJ. This report falls in line with that suggestion.

Having shown themselves to be interested in Beckham, the Los Angeles Rams ultimately decided to trade a first-round pick to the New England Patriots for Brandin Cooks. They could very well be the team that turned down New York’s offer. Also seemingly interested in OBJ, the San Francisco 49ers could also have been the unnamed team mentioned here.

Either way, New York will likely have to lower its asking price in order to move the disgruntled star.