NFC scout calls Eddie Lacy ‘one of the strongest animals I’ve ever seen’

By Rachel Wold

There are other assets to the Green Bay Packers offense than stud quarterback Aaron Rodgers and his elite receiving corps. The Packers have an all-purpose running back in third-year Eddie Lacy who received major praise from an NFC scout.

“I’ll bet he weighs 240, but he plays like he weighs 300 pounds,” one NFC North personnel man told Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “He’s one of the strongest animals I’ve ever seen. He’s a man.”

“I thought he would meet his Waterloo at the pro level. He bowled people over in college, but I thought when he got at this level he would struggle against guys bigger and stronger. It really doesn’t seem to matter.”

Not only is Lacy tough as nails, but he’s a down-to-earth, very personable guy who loves to watch cartoons and read comic books, according to the scout.

On the field, Lacy has improved in his pass protection and enters 2015 with two 1,000-plus rushing yard seasons under his belt. Additionally, only four other running backs topped the 690 yards after contact the bulldozing Lacy totaled last season.

Here’s an example of Lacy buried in coverage yet managing to gain some yardage.

Lacy complements an offense that makes the Packers one of the top Super Bowl contenders heading into the 2015 season. His ability to pound defenses up front opens up gobs of yardage for Rodgers through the air, making the Packers nearly impossible to stop.

He also doesn’t make a bad first-round pick as fantasy football drafts approach.

Photo: USA Today Sports