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New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills MNF clash now available to Spectrum subscribers after dispute with Disney resolved

While Spectrum subscribers had recently lost access to Disney broadcast products, including ESPN, the New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills game on Monday night will be available after Disney struck a deal with Spectrum’s parent company on Monday.

It is a story that many cable subscribers are used to every few years. Greedy content providers are looking for better and more lucrative contracts with cable companies, however, those companies are unwilling to pay the increased prices because they are often looking for bargain rates so they too can make even better profits than the year before.

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These situations only hurt viewers as they lose access to some of their favorite channels and shows when the media giants battle it out to find a resolution that benefits both sides. That was recently the case with Disney and Spectrum’s parent company Charter Communications.

With the two sides locked in a recent contract dispute, Spectrum recently removed Disney-owned content like ESPN from their selection of channels in an effort to leverage their power in the situation. It led to counter moves by the Mouse House and NFL fans that own Spectrum looking at the possibility of not being able to watch Monday Night Football games on ESPN in the weeks ahead.

New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills will now be available to Spectrum subscribers

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Credit: Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the battle for money came to an end on Monday when the two companies announced a deal had been struck, and the New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills game tonight will be available to Spectrum subscribers.

“Our collective goal has always been to build an innovative model for the future. This deal recognizes both the continued value of linear television and the growing popularity of streaming services while addressing the evolving needs of our consumers. We also want to thank our mutual customers for their patience this past week and are pleased that Spectrum viewers once again have access to Disney’s high-quality sports, news, and entertainment programming, in time for Monday Night Football.”

– Joint statement from Disney CEO Robert A. Iger and Charter Communications CEO Chris Winfrey

As part of the deal, the Disney+ Basic will be provided to customers who purchase the Spectrum TV Select package, and ESPN+ will be offered to Spectrum TV Select Plus subscribers. Charter Communications offers services like Spectrum to over 32 million people in 41 states.

NFL legend Aaron Rodgers will be making his New York Jets regular season debut tonight versus the Buffalo Bills.