New York Jets’ RB Chris Johnson Weighs in on Johnny Manziel’s Partying

Some NFL players have issues with Cleveland Browns’ rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel and his offseason antics. And others couldn’t care less. New York Jets’ running back Chris Johnson recently shared his opinion regarding Manziel’s partying ways.

In an interview with NFL Media’s Dave Dameshek, Johnson had this to say regarding Manziel (via NFL.com).

Be your own man. Do what you got to do. It’s the offseason. That’s when you get time to do whatever you want to do and live your life. I’m pretty sure once the season gets here, he’ll be all right. He’s going to focus in on football. But this is the time now to where he’ll be able to hang out and do some of the things you want to do. Because once the season gets here, you really have no life. It’s just football and football.

It doesn’t appear that Johnson sees any wrong doing when it comes to Johnny Football partying with inflatable swans and such. Coincidentally, what does seem to be an issue to others is that if you’re following Johnson’s advice, you might want to think twice.


Photo: NJ.com