New Orleans lawyer files lawsuit in hopes of replaying NFC Championship Game

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Attorney Frank D’Amico is hoping that the courts take an unprecedented step by interfering with the happenings of a professional sports league.

D’Amico just filed a lawsuit in the Civil District Court of Orleans Parish on behalf of Saints fans. The suit claims that the Saints were impacted by “extraordinarily unfair” officiating late in the NFC Championship Game against the Los Angeles Rams.

By now it’s well known what happened at the Superdome on Sunday. This non-call on an obvious pass interference by the Rams led to Los Angeles coming out on top in overtime.

D’Amico is now demanding that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell direct the two teams to replay the final few minutes of regulation in hopes of a fair outcome.

Here’s his filing with the court.

It’s highly unlikely that anything will come to fruition on this end. Even if the court were to rule in favor of D’Amico and Saints fans, the final decision will be left up to Goodell. With the NFL already preparing for a Super Bowl between the Patriots and Rams, that’s not going to happen.

In no way does this mean that what we saw filed Tuesday will be the end of things. Expect a class-action lawsuit on behalf of bettors moving forward, too.