Report: Nevada sportsbooks shatter records for Super Bowl betting

A record amount of money was dropped on Super Bowl LII by bettors in legal Nevada sportsbooks, according to a report by David Purdum of ESPN. All told, $158.58 million was wagered on the biggest game of the year, shattering previous Super Bowl betting records by more than $20 million, per the report.

This isn’t all that surprising considering we heard reports that one person bet $3 million on the Philadelphia Eagles to win and that four others had put down $1 million-plus on the underdog to pull off the upset. In fact, it was pretty fascinating that the overwhelming majority of wagers were in favor of the underdog.

Interestingly, contrary to early reports, sportsbooks did not get crushed, despite this trend. However, it was a very small win for the casinos.

“The books won $1.1 million when the Philadelphia Eaglesupset the New England Patriots 41-33. It’s the smallest win for the books on the Super Bowl since 2011,” wrote Purdum.

In the end, the house always wins. This year, so did many people who were hoping the Eagles would pull off the upset and take down the mighty Patriots. Which, of course, they did in style.