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NCAA moving 3-point line back to international distance

Jesse Reed

College basketball will have a different flavor next season, as the NCAA has decided to move the the 3-point line back to international distance.

Brett McMurphy of the Stadium Network reported the breaking news Wednesday afternoon.

This change was approved by the Playing Rules Oversight Panel on Wednesday. Before this ruling, the college 3-point line was set at 20 feet and nine inches.

As noted by Mid-Major Madness back when the proposal was first brought forth, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Rules Committee “said this would make the lane more available for dribble-drive plays from the perimeter, it would slow the trend of the 3-point shot becoming ‘too prevalent’ by making it ‘a bit more challenging’ and it would assist in offensive spacing.”

The change also gives collegiate players a chance to regularly shoot behind a 3-point line that is closer to what the NBA features — 22 feet in the corners all the way up to 23.75 feet behind the top of the key.