NBA executive ‘wouldn’t be surprised’ if LeBron James stays in Cleveland next season

By Jesse Reed

It’s been a foregone conclusion since last year that LeBron James is going to leave Cleveland this summer when free agency hits. He’ll be able to opt out of his contract and be the most coveted player on the market — teams will line up for his services.

The rumors about where he’ll land are as numerous as the fish in the sea. Heck, his own agent has said all options are on the table. But according to one NBA executive, the Cavaliers might have conjured some magic that will cause James to stay.

And, ironically, since a lot of the rumors are about the Los Angeles Lakers, this executive believes the Lakers might have given Cleveland the capital it needs to keep him there.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if he stays in Cleveland now,” one high-ranking Eastern Conference team executive said (h/t Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated). “The Cavaliers put a really good team around him. The Cavaliers have made it really tough for him to decide to leave Cleveland again. The Lakers might have helped them keep LeBron.”

We already know the new-look Cavaliers have the look of a completely different team — a team that could easily win the east again. Heck, after their first game together, the Cavaliers got a huge boost from the sportsbooks in Las Vegas.

So, could James really stay? That’s the $300 million question, isn’t it?