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NBA Board of Governors ‘feeling positive’ about return of season

Jesse Reed
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Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

NBA commissioner Adam Silver held a conference call with the Board of Governors Tuesday to talk about potentially restarting the season.

Positive momentum building for an NBA return

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, a sense of positive feelings about momentum toward a return was felt by those who attended. Among the things that were discussed, he notes the league and its players will need to “get comfortable with some positive tests” not shutting down the entire process.

Additionally, Wojnarowski reports Silver referring to a “campus environment” discussing the oft-used “bubble” term. Other topics included a detailed look at how other pro sports and leagues are working toward their returns.

There are clearly still plenty of hurdles to overcome.

The problem of adequate testing remains one of the biggest roadblocks to the NBA returning. The amount of tests required to pull off a full return to the season is staggering.

But given the way the league is moving forward with these discussions more intentionally this week it seems everyone expects a solution to present itself shortly.