Navy approves Keenan Reynolds to play in NFL

Keenan Reynolds and Joe Cardona will be granted permission by the U.S. Navy to play NFL football this year.

Reynolds was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in Round 6 of the 2016 NFL Draft. Cardona, a long snapper, is a second-year player for the New England Patriots.

As first noted by Pro Football Talk, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus told the Dan Patrick Show this morning that both players would be granted permission to play while remaining tied to their military commitments as Navy Reserves.

Reynolds is known for his prolific scoring during his tenure as quarterback for Navy. A dual-threat passer, he set an NCAA record with 83 career rushing scores this past season.

With this in mind it’s not surprising to know he’s not being asked to play quarterback for the Ravens. Instead, he’ll have to earn a roster spot as a receiver, which is what he’s been listed as on Baltimore’s depth chart. No doubt this would include some running plays as well, should he become a member of the team’s offensive arsenal.

Cardona will likely be a shoo-in for New England’s final roster. His inclusion into this announcement is welcome news, as it was previously unknown if he’d be available. He appeared in each of the team’s games last year as the long snapper.