‘Multiple teams’ failed Tua Tagovailoa for medicals?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, a report emerged that one team has failed Tua Tagovailoa medically and that he had more injuries at Alabama than has been previously reported.

Now comes another bit of news that could indicate more than one team isn’t ready to bet its future on a potentially injury-prone quarterback.

Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller wrote Friday that, “One source I spoke with this week believes multiple teams have failed Tagovailoa medically — his team has — because of concerns about how long he’ll stay healthy.”

This information bolsters other reports from recent weeks that indicate there is a growing sense that — as good as Tagovailoa is as a passer — people around the NFL are not convinced he’ll hold up long term.

Miller elaborated on this, writing that Tagovailoa “can pass the physicals now and be cleared to play, but what will his hip look like in three or five or 10 years? That’s the question most people around the NFL are asking this week.”

It’s a tough question to answer, mainly because from a pure talent point of view there’s no doubt that Tagovailoa is franchise quarterback material. His pro day workout video came out Friday and put an exclamation point on that premise — the guy is just incredibly accurate throwing to all levels.

It’s going to be fascinating to see what happens when the draft takes place in a couple weeks.