Most interesting 2018 college football yearbook award winners

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

From thrilling games to breakout athletes

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

The 2018 college season proved to be one of the best in recent memory. From thrilling games to breakout athletes, this season had everything fans could ask for.

Plenty of attention will go towards the Heisman Trophy, the Maxwell and Walter Camp Awards, along with so much more.

There are also some other honors to give out as well — unique honors that are a little bit different but celebrate players and teams in a special way.

In a season full of fun and interesting moments, here are the most interesting college football yearbook awards for the 2018 season.


Most likely to have his plane tracked: Kliff Kingsbury

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The moment Texas Tech fired Kingsbury, football fans across the country immediately started pulling up websites to track planes. He is one of the best offensive minds in football and could transform an NFL or college offense, making him desired by nearly every fan base.

Reports emerged on Thursday that Kingsbury would become Southern California’s offensive coordinator. However, conflicting reports shot that down. It brings hope back to NFL and college fan bases dreaming of Kingsbury becoming their team’s offensive coordinator. So, Kingsbury will keep flight tracking websites busy in the coming weeks.


Most likely to get fans excited only to pull a Lucy: Michigan

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Finally, Jim Harbaugh put Michigan on the verge of the College Football Playoff with a chance at a magical season — something for the fan base to finally celebrate. All he needed was a win over the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Wolverines would be on their way (assuming they beat Northwestern, of course).

Urban Meyer pulled a Lucy on the Wolverines and they fell to the ground with dirt all over them. Their chance at a playoff season was suddenly down the drain. Now Harbaugh’s face is buried in the mud and the embarrassment taken at the hands of Ohio State will stay with him for quite some time.


Funniest Professor/Coach: Mike Leach

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There are some great personalities in college football, but none quite match up to Leach. He can let loose at press conferences and break off onto strange points that have nothing to do with football.

Leach will tell you which coach would win in a fight, talk about his hatred for golf and wear a fake mustache. Now he wants to teach students at Washington State about leadership lessons in insurgent warfare and football strategy. It just doesn’t get better than Leach as a professor or coach.


Most likely to skip the senior trip: Nick Bosa

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It’s been a memorable time for a lot of people in the last year. As the semester comes to a close and everyone counts down their last few weeks on campus, people go out and celebrate on a big trip to make memories.

Bosa doesn’t have time for any of that. He already has a cushy job lined up and is ready to bounce from college, and no one can blame him. Everyone is just jealous he is one of the lucky few who is set up for luxury after college while everyone else will be filling out applications and doing interviews for months to come.


Unlikeliest to Smile: Nick Saban

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Whether it’s the big moment when he walks on stage to celebrate his huge achievement or in a picture, Saban is the guy who just won’t smile. No matter what situation he is put into, Saban will find something to be upset about (though, the rare exception does emerge from time to time).

The Crimson Tide rolled to a 12-0 record in the regular season with historic domination of its opponents and an SEC title. Saban is just shy of his seventh national title and could very well have plenty of reason to celebrate, just don’t expect him to express a positive emotion in front of anyone.


Most Exciting Freshman: Rondale Moore

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In a year where freshmen almost stole the show, one player stands out the most across the nation. Moore was this year’s best true freshman as the 19-year-old dazzled everyone on a weekly basis.

Moore hauled in 102 receptions for 1,164 receiving yards and 12 receiving touchdowns this season with 203 rushing yards and 599 return yards. He was a highlight machine and turned Purdue into one of the most fun teams to watch in college football. Freshmen years are supposed to be tough. Moore treated it like a walk in the park.


Most likely to not be invited to the party: Central Florida

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Everyone wanted the Knights to go to the party and show it deserves just as much love and attention as the other schools. Unfortunately, the College Football Playoff never gave Central Florida much attention and an invite to the big party never came.

Instead, the Knights are without star quarterback McKenzie Milton and he doesn’t have a timetable to return from a gruesome injury. UCF will be in a marquee bowl game. However, being without their star will be a huge blow moving forward and a loss on a national stage could lead it to never sniffing an invite in the future unless the format expands.


Most likely to spend his offseason in the woods: Gardner Minshew

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There is no player in the country more deserving of this award than Minshew. The face, the mustache, the persona and the shirtless look warming up in the snow. He is a character in every way and when football season is over, there’s likely only one place you’ll find him.

Maybe you’re hiking through the woods one day in Washington and you come across him. Minshew’s beard will be all bushy, he’ll have dirt on his face and he’ll still be shirtless. He went to Mike Leach’s class for a day, then ditched and returned to the wilderness.

He was a national icon for only a year, but we all loved every second of it and can only hope to encounter him one day on a hike. Perhaps he will say hello and give us a fake mustache to wear.


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