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MLB Playoffs: Yankees ticket prices are absolutely crazy

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees will open up what they hope to be a run to the World Series Friday afternoon against the Minnesota Twins.

It promises to be the hottest ticket in town outside of Broadway. And that’s being represented in the cost of tickets on the second-hand market.

The average cost for divisional round tickets at Yankee Stadium is a whopping $411. The St. Louis Cardinals come in second at $235.

It’s not terribly surprising that Yankees tickets are the most expensive. But the gap between the cost of attending a game in the Bronx compared to St. Louis is crazy. The Gateway to the West absolutely loves its baseball, too.

In fact, the average cost to attend a divisional around game in New York ranks as the sixth-highest of the past decade. Back in 2015, it cost $632 to get into Wrigley Field for a Chicago Cubs playoff game.

Courtesy of TicketiQ

There’s definitely good news in other regions.

Dodgers LDS series tickets are down an average of $35 from 2015. Even as the favorites to win this year’s World Series, the average Astros ticket is down $11 from the last time they won the title back in 2017.

The moral of the story here? You pay more in New York City for pretty much everything. Will the Yankees be worth that cost? We’ll find out soon enough.