MLB, MLBPA to finalize new drug policy this week

MLB drug policy
Courtesy of Pixabay

Major League Baseball and the players’ association are on the verge of finalizing a new drug policy that would ban opioid use around the game.

Said policy should be finalized this week, and will include treatment for those who test positive for opioids.

As was noted earlier in the week, said policy will also eliminate marijuana as a banned substance for minor league baseball players. Major league players already are not tested for marijuana.

It’s rather shocking that MLB would be the first of the four major North American sports to make these drastic and necessary changes.

It comes after former Los Angeles Angeles pitcher Tyler Skaggs died back in July after overdosing on a combination of opioids and alcohol.

With the changes expected to take place by spring training, it’s also important to note that a positive test will not result in suspension. That would only come if said player fails to comply with treatment. What a novel concept that is.