MLB investigating Yankees use of broadcast cameras

Major League Baseball finds itself mired in a potentially serious scandal surrounding two of the most historical franchises in the game’s history.

On Tuesday, The New York Times ran an amazing exclusive focusing on allegations that the Boston Red Sox used Apple Watches to steal signs against the New York Yankees last month.

“The baseball inquiry began about two weeks ago, after the Yankees’ general manager, Brian Cashman, filed a detailed complaint with the commissioner’s office that included video the Yankees shot of the Red Sox dugout during a three-game series between the two teams in Boston last month,” the report read.

While no serious punishment is expected to be levied against the Red Sox, this is an example of the newest technology working against fairness in the game of baseball, a game that itself has been slower to implement said technology compared to other sports.

Now comes this potentially equally explosive report indicating that the Yankees themselves are being investigated for using the YES broadcast stream to zoom in on the Red Sox.

It’s a clear violation of MLB rules for teams to use any live broadcast feed either before games or during the game itself. Obviously, it looks like the league is investigation whether the Yankees broke this rule.

Interestingly enough, one social media user seems to have shown evidence that this did in fact happen.

We’re not too sure what will come of this. But it most definitely does add to the late-season rivalry between the two AL East teams. Boston entered Wednesday’s action with a 3.5-game lead over the Yankees in the division. As of right now, both teams would be playing meaningful postseason baseball in October.