Minnesota Vikings 2014 Draft Predictions | SU Podcast

By Malcolm Michaels

Today on the March 4th, 2014 Sports Unfiltered podcast we’re talking with Arif Hasan from VikingsTerritory.com and doing Minnesota Vikings 2014 draft predictions. Do the Vikings take a quarterback like Derek Carr, or opt for a top talent like linebacker Khalil Mack? Listen now…

Minnesota Vikings 2014 Draft Predictions


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With the possible exception of Christian Ponder, the Vikings have done an excellent job of drafting in recent years.  Today TC and Arif go deep and discuss the upcoming draft in Sportsnaut’s Minnesota Vikings 2014 draft predictions. Is taking a quarterback the right move for the team, or should the Vikings pull a Pete Carroll and make the position wide open and hope that a Russell Wilson-type emerges as the best of the bunch. Or do the Vikings do what General Manager Rick Spielman has become his signature – potentially move up and try to grab an elite talent like lineback Khalil Mack from the University of Buffalo.

Minnesota Vikings 2014 Draft Predictions with Arif:

  • Take Derek Carr, Aaron Murray, and bring in Pat White from the Redskins
  • Trade Adrian Peterson to the Cowboys for a mix of draft picks and players
  • Offer up a #2 for the Patriots Ryan Mallet
  • Listen in to find out more

Plus TC (your host and ringmaster) engages Arif Hassan on the Sportsnaut.com headlines of the day including LeBron James going for 61 last night against the Charlotte Bobcats, though who hasn’t scored 61 against the Bobcats. Plus the guys will talk about the worst Redskins and Vikings free agent signings, whether to completely change the rules for the extra point – plus some radical ideas, and finally on Disney/ABC/ESPN getting into bed with Dish Network in an effort to get rid of the Dish… And commercial skipping.

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