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Mike Vrabel would ‘probably’ castrate himself to win a Super Bowl

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel made a shocking admission during a podcast appearance about the lengths he’d go do win a Super Bowl.

Paul Kuharsky transcribed a sequence from the podcast “Bussin’ with the Boys,” which features Taylor Lewan and Will Compton of the Titans, in which Vrabel says he’d “probably” cut his d*** off for a Super Bowl.

Lewan: Matt Neely (an assistant for the show) said he would cut off his d*** for a, uno, Super Bowl, and I said No I would not do that. Would you cut your d*** off for a Super Bowl?

Vrabel: Been married 20 years. Yeah, probably.

Lewan: You’ve got three?!

Vrabel: As a player…. You guys will be married for 20 years one day. You won’t need it.

Lewan: If you come home with a bag of ice, and Jen is like ‘Oh honey what did you do.’ I cut …my d*** off, we’re gonna win a Super Bowl, she’d be like “eh,” or would she be upset?

Vrabel: She’d be like do you want me to do it? Do you want to do it now?

The whole thing is over the top, but the part that stands out as the most hilarious is Vrabel saying, “You won’t need it” after being married for 20 years.