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Mike Glennon: ‘This is my year and I’m not worried about the future’

Jesse Reed
Mike Glennon signed with the Bears

Mike Glennon knows he’s not the guy for the Chicago Bears, who spent a minor fortune to move up one spot in the draft for Mitch Trubisky. But at least for one year, he might be the guy, which is what he’s working hard to keep in the forefront of his mind with a first-round rookie behind him on the depth chart.

Front and center on the podium Tuesday, Glennon expressed his thoughts about the upcoming year and made it clear he cannot think about anything further down the road.

Really, this is the only sane way to approach the situation Glennon finds himself in with the Bears. He was paid a hefty sum of guaranteed cash ($18.5 million) to sign with Chicago as a free agent. Even if he only does start one season for the Bears, at least he was paid well for his services.

Not only that, but this potential one-year shot could certainly lead to big things down the road for Glennon. Still just 27 years old, he could easily have a long, productive career. And if he puts up good numbers this year, perhaps another big contract will also be in his future.

The Bears have publicly stated they don’t even want Trubisky to have to start in 2017. And that’s smart. He’s not ready to play.

But the organization gave up way too much for him to sit on the bench next year, too, meaning Glennon will either be expendable or will be relegated to second-string sooner, rather than later.

But for now, it’s the Glennon show in the Windy City. And he better take advantage of his time to shine. It could be his last.