Mickey Callaway finally concedes Edwin Diaz could be pulled from Mets’ closer role

Edwin Diaz
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Edwin Diaz has been brutally bad this season as the full-time closer for the New York Mets, but until now he’s had the full support of manager Mickey Callaway.

On Sunday, that changed, per Tim Healy of Newsday: “We have to be open-minded,” Callaway finally conceded, adding “we can’t lock ourselves in to one thing.”

Diaz entered Sunday’s game with a 1-6 record, a bloated ERA of 5.44, and a negative WAR value of -0.4. He’s been getting hammered during recent save opportunities, most recently giving up two runs on Saturday against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

As for Callaway’s admission, Diaz told reporters the manager “hasn’t spoken to me about it, but…we’ll find out in the game today.”