Michael Bennett likely to sue Las Vegas Police Department

Michael Bennett

The well-publicized Michael Bennett situation that took place in Las Vegas last month is likely heading to court. According to Bennett’s attorney, John Burris, the Seattle Seahawks’ defensive end will likely be filing a lawsuit (through his lawyer) against the Las Vegas Police Department.

“Unless something changes drastically that we don’t know of, we’re gonna file a lawsuit,” Burris said, via ABC News.

Bennett alleges that he was victim of racial profiling and police brutality during a skirmish in which the veteran NFL player was seen on the ground and in handcuffs (more on that here).

For their part, the police department’s union has decried Bennett’s allegations as false and wants the NFL to actually investigate the Seahawks player.

The incident in question took place when Bennett and others fled a nightclub following the¬†Mayweather-McGregor fight on August 26th. Authorities claim they told everyone to stay put, at which point Bennett fled. For his part, the Seahawks’ defensive end has a completely different story of what happened.

In reality, a lawsuit was always going to be in the cards here. Bennett has not had an issue going public about what happened and somehow views himself as a changed man after it took place.

“Every time I see my wife, I try to kiss her like it’s the first time we ever met,” Bennett said. “Every time I play with my daughter I try to hold ’em like they were just born,” Bennett said. “Because I don’t know. And the situation right there just made it a reality for me that … it could happen at any moment.”

With the NFLPA throwing its support behind Bennett, it will definitely be interesting to see what happens from here on out in the courts. One thing is for sure. The always outspoken Bennett has brought the NFL’s National Anthem protest controversy back to the front burner.

After a quiet Week 1 on that front (primarily due to the anniversary of 9/11), we can expect said protests to heat back up again. For his part, Bennett will definitely be involved when his Seahawks host the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday.