Michael Bennett Calls out Packers After Win

No one ever said the Seattle Seahawks didn’t like to talk a good game off the field. There is absolutely no problem with this when they back it up on the field, much like what they did against the Green Bay Packers on Thursday night in a dominating 36-16 opening night victory.¬†

Defensive end Michael Bennett made sure to call out certain members of the losing team in a locker room media session following the win.

And it was grand.

Here are some quotables from the Q&A.

I wanted to get to Aaron Rodgers so bad…you know. He’s one of those guys that talks so much that you just want to get to him.

Rodgers is somewhat known for blasting off at the mouth during games, but nowhere near the level of Seahawks defenders (both in game and in the week leading up to the game itself).

But motivation can be the darndest of things.

Bennett continued…

Obviously we (Seahawks) were the most physical team offensively and defensively. And I saw some of the supposedly best players in the league not want to tackle Marshawn Lynch. And of course no one is going to say anything about that.

Green Bay doesn’t necessarily boast the best defense in the world, as evidenced by Seattle’s domination on the offensive side of the ball, but Bennett’s point stands. Lynch was in “beast mode” all game long.

The most interesting comment came in regards to Packers running back Eddie Lacy, who suffered a concussion during the game.

Lacy? I mean he had some good runs. But obviously he didn’t run on us. And we held him to 12 carrries for 40 years. I mean (you know), I could do that.

Seattle’s talking will not make it friendly to other teams in the NFL, but that really doesn’t matter. As a famous San Francisco 49ers head coach once said, “my friends are those on this team.”

The only thing that matters here is that Seattle absolutely dominated a Packers team to the tune of 36-16 on opening night in the Pacific Northwest. And Bennett’s post-game comments shows that the team has confidence it can do this against any of its remaining opponents this season.

Photo: Huffington Post