The Los Angeles Dodgers took out the Miami Marlins by the score of 6-5 on Monday night. It was a much-needed win for a Dodgers team that has been hovering around .500 for pretty much the entire season. 

But that’s not really the story here. When the Marlins decided to go high and inside to Dodgers’ star outfielder Matt Kemp, comedian George Lopez was having none of it.


You can easily recognize Lopez there in the Dodgers hat and white shit, asking the Marlins pitcher “what’s up?” or maybe even something a tad more NSFW. Only in L.A. will you see this behind home plate. Lopez then took to the Twitter…

And in a stadium where fans leave closer to the sixth inning than the ninth, Lopez stays to the last out.

Even as a Northern California guy, I can respect this one Southern California baseball fan.