McDonald’s promises to give Mike Zimmer 100 cheeseburgers

By David Kenyon

Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer has trudged through a week full of disappointments, but a Minnesota McDonald’s did its best to cheer him up after letting him down.

Not only did Zimmer’s team lose 38-7 on Sunday, he was shorted one cheeseburger on a fast-food run. Per the Vikings official site, Zimmer said:

“I did go home last night for a little bit. I went to McDonald’s on the way home because I was hungry. I ordered two cheeseburgers and I only got one. That’s the kind of week it’s been.”

The people running the Twitter account for chains in the Minneapolis area realized Zimmer wasn’t lovin’ it, so they decided to make amends with the coach and send the Vikings 100 free burgers.

If you enjoy McDonald’s, how would that not improve your week?

Anyway, the Vikings shared their plan to donate the burgers to The Salvation Army Harbor Light Center. Kudos to the team for that.

Hopefully Zimmer receives two cheeseburgers next time he orders them, though he’d surely settle for an important win over the NFC West-leading Arizona Cardinals on Thursday night.