Mayor of Santa Clara threatens to seize managerial control of Levi’s Stadium

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers have been a disaster on the field, and now the franchise could be facing some serious trouble off it amid concerns it used taxpayer dollars improperly at Levi’s Stadium.

The organization is reportedly failing to comply with the law by providing certain budgetary documents.

“We have to stop the bleeding of the General Fund money into the stadium. It’s against the law,” Mayor Lisa Gillmore said, via NBC Bay Area. “If they don’t cure the breach, we are going to take steps to take back management of the stadium.”

Among the concerns is a question of whether or not the 49ers used taxpayer dollars to reseed the field at Levi’s Stadium.

“On Friday, independent auditor Fred Brousseau told NBC Bay Area that it is possible taxpayer funds were used to reseed the field several times. He said he is also working to determine how much city money has been spent on NFL sanctioned events, which is illegal, per Santa Clara city law.”

The city of Santa Clara could also be losing money on non-NFL events such as concerts, the mayor worries.

The 49ers told NBC Bay Area that the requested documents would be provided to the auditor on Monday. It’s not yet clear why the franchise has failed to provide this pertinent information before now.

Given the 49ers’ general downturn of late, fans might revolt in a major way if it the audit finds the team misused taxpayer dollars and/or did not share non-NFL revenue properly with the city of Santa Clara.