Matthew Stafford’s wife Kelly Stafford has brain tumor, will have surgery

Matthew Stafford

In some gut-wrenching news this Wednesday, Matthew Stafford’s wife, Kelly Stafford, announced she has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and will have surgery this month.

Stafford made the announcement in an Instagram post. Her narrative as she explains how she found out about this life-altering incident is honest, heart-breaking and inspirational.


Kelly Stafford explained how she’s been experiencing dizziness and vertigo, the latter of which started happening in January of this year.

The tumor is sitting on some of her cranial nerves and is called an acoustic neuroma or vestibular schwannoma.

Stafford shared that she is “terrified” of losing her facial function, and “terrified of far worse things that could happen and I’m terrified that I won’t take the time I need to recover because of the guilt I might feel of being absent from my kids for too long.”

She also asked for prayer and support during this trying time.

The Staffords have three young daughters — twins Chandler and Sawyer, and Hunter Hope, who was born last year on August 16.