Matthew Stafford “Survived” His Honeymoon

Detroit Lions’ quarterback Matthew Stafford recently married his long-time college girlfriend Kelly Hall. One of the many honeymoon things that Stafford can actually talk about publicly is his first time trying out skydiving.

Why not? If New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady can make a terrifying jump off of a cliff in Costa Rica, then Stafford could certainly jump off of a plane in New Zealand.

Game on.

When asked if he came up with the skydiving idea and to describe the overall experience, Stafford reported this via David Dye of Fox News:

Hell no. I couldn’t let her do it, and not myself do it.

It was a blast. I thought I was going to be really scared. I wasn’t too scared. Free-falling for a full minute was pretty cool.

Summing up the trip, Stafford said:

Fun honeymoon. Survived it, which was good.

Stafford admitted he did not inform the Lions’ front office ahead of time of his planned adventure.

I assume I’m good. I didn’t tell them I was doing it. I wasn’t going to let them tell me no. It’s better to ask for forgiveness.

Of course Jim Caldwell and crew were probably not thrilled that their franchise quarterback risked his health by jumping from a plane, but Stafford survived unscathed and all is good.

Photo: USA Today Sports