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Matt LaFleur: Aaron Rodgers ‘absolutely’ has freedom to audible out of any call

Jesse Reed
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Setting the record straight ahead of the team’s Thursday night showdown against Chicago, Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur says Aaron Rodgers “absolutely” has permission to call an audible any time he sees fit.

“We’ve given him all the freedom,” LaFleur said, per Rob Demovsky of ESPN. “So if he sees something, he’s got the green light to do whatever he needs to do to get us into a good play. We’re not going to take that from him.”

That settles that.

Earlier this year, LaFleur made headlines for comments he made about Rodgers and audibles that seemed to indicate the veteran would be on some kind of leash.

“Aaron and I have had some good talks, and we’re going to have to talk a lot more — and one thing we have to work through is the audible thing,” LaFleur said, per Mike Silver of NFL.com.

It seems safe to say the two of them have worked out whatever they needed to work out, and Rodgers is back to being master of his domain under center.