Matt Forte shades Sam Bradford, says NFL ‘disrespecting the RB position’

Sam Bradford

Many folks are of the opinion that quarterback Sam Bradford — newly signed by the Arizona Cardinals for a one-year $20 million deal — is getting paid too much.

Among those voicing their opinion is newly retired running back Matt Forte. Forte cleverly put together this handy meme tallying the $134 million dollars worth of contracts the injury-prone quarterback has signed since 2010.


At the same time, Forte sent a big message out there to the NFL regarding running back compensation.

“Sheesh!!!…. I’m finna come out of retirement and tryout as a QB. but seriously they need to stop disrespecting the RB position #makerunningbacksgreatagain#putthemoneyinthebag”

Forte’s words are loud and clear. We know he is not really going to jump out of retirement and play quarterback. But, he is defending the running back position that guys such as Pittsburgh Steelers’ Le’Veon Bell want to see overhauled on the pay scale.

In regards to Bradford, injuries have caused him to play in only 80 of 128 possible games dating back to 2010. Yet, teams keep forking over the big bucks.

The latest would be those Cardinals, who most recently released All-Pro defensive back Tyrann Mathieu, likely to afford Bradford.

As Forte points out, there simply is no rhyme or reason behind some of the questionable moves the NFL makes.