Matt Barkley on Tim Tebow: He’s ‘Not Taking My Reps on the Field’

By Vincent Frank
Courtesy of USA Today: It goes without saying that this is likely Tebow’s final chance in the NFL.

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Matt Barkley isn’t holding back when it comes to speaking out about the competition for the team’s No. 3 quarterback position.

Barkley, a fourth-round pick back in 2013, isn’t too keen on the idea that Tim Tebow might have the upper-hand in the quarterback competition:

“He’s not taking my reps on the field,” Barkley said following Thursday’s practice, via “He’s an arm we need for the team, with G.J. (Kinne) making the move to receiver. Tim’s just one of us. He’s trying to make the team just like we all are. It hasn’t effected my approach to how I feel the team thinks of me or how I’m going out to compete every day.”

Tell us how you really feel, Matt.

The issue with this is that Tebow was brought on to directly compete with Barkley behind Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez. The former USC standout was also actively shopped by Chip Kelly and company in the lead up to the 2015 NFL draft.

The “he’s an arm we need” aspect of Barkley’s quote is rather interesting. It mirrors a comment that Sanchez made earlier this offseason regarding the team’s new quarterback.

[Tebow’s] obviously a great guy, he works hard,” Sanchez said back in April. “And we needed another guy to throw while Sam’s [Bradford] still recovering. So that’s the reason [for the signing], at least as explained to me.”

While Sanchez can be comfortable knowing he’s going to break camp with Philadelphia, the same thing cannot be said for Barkley. Until we know where Barkley and Tebow stand, the former should probably refrain from throwing shade his competition’s way. That might not sit well with Chip Kelly.

Photo: USA Today Sports