Maryland to Sell Beer at Football and Basketball Games

By Vincent Frank

It appears that this is the start of a trend. Shortly after the University of Texas announced it would be selling beer at the school’s home football games, Maryland is joining the ever-growing club.

Maryland’s Board of Commissioners approved a proposal this week that will allow the school to sell beer at┬áByrd Stadium (football) and the Xfinity Center (basketball) this upcoming fall.

The great news for fans (and some students) is that there will be a craft beer option on the menu:

A sample menu shows us that local beers will be part of the options available, which is an excellent idea. It’s also something other schools should adapt as they potentially look to offer the adult beverage.

Opponents to colleges starting to sell beer at sporting events indicate that it could make for a more rowdy atmosphere and lead to the types of situations alcohol has become synonymous with in professional sporting events around the world.

Those opponents are nothing more than buzzkills (literally).

Photo: USA Today Sports