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Maryland student body to call for DJ Durkin’s firing

Vincent Frank

The next step in the evolution of the drama we’ve seen surround the Maryland football program is now here.

A day after the powers to be at College Park reinstated embattled head coach DJ Durkin, the university student government will rally on campus Wednesday as a way to protest Durkin’s reinstatement. It’s also calling on president Wallace Loh to fire the third-year head coach.

When the system fails, the next obvious step is a grassroots push, being vocal and showing the outrage and sentiments students have had with these decisions,” Maryland student body president Jonathan Allen said, via ESPN.

Durkin’s reinstatment on Tuesday after having been put on leave after the death of Jordan McNair following a May workout was not met with the best of reactions. In fact, several players walked out on a meeting with Durkin on Tuesday.

It really doesn’t seem like this entire situation is salvageable. The students are not happy about Durkin remaining as head coach. Some of the players obviously have an issue with it. And public opinion is strongly in favor of him being fired.

We’re interested to see what comes of the meeting and subsequent rally on Wednesday. But it would not be a shock if Durkin has in fact coached his last game at College Park.