Marvin Jones viciously annihilates report Matt Patricia could already be losing Lions

Last week, a report emerged that rookie Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia could already be losing his players due to excessive running for mistakes during practice.

Veteran Lions receiver Marvin Jones has a strong opinion about that report, and let’s just say it’s not flattering.

Jones addressed this report during an appearance on NFL Network, essentially calling the notion that Patricia is losing his players over this disciplinary practice ludicrous.

“Shoot, it’s football. We run. You know what I’m saying?” Jones said. “Nobody is complaining. Everybody is just going out here working hard and we’re having fun doing it. So, whoever’s grandma wrote that story, I don’t know.”

Honestly, this is the approach you’d expect players to have about running in practice due to mistakes. It’s done from the pee-wee level all the way through professional ball, and while some veteran players might not like it, it’s not like Patricia is the only one in the NFL utilizing this approach.