Marshawn Lynch jokes about Roger Goodell reportedly seeking mad cash

On Sunday, it was reported that in his next contract, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell wants nearly $50 million annually and a private jet for life. Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch is just ’bout that action, boss.

Amen, Marshawn. Amen.

We can’t imagine that Goodell especially likes the idea of any player, especially a well known one, making jokes like this. With that said, we also can’t imagine that this particular player cares all that much.

It’s also important to remember that Goodell has recently been feuding with Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones. If Jones is able to successfully remove Goodell as commissioner, could we read this tweet as Lynch vying to be Goodell’s replacement?

Try to tell us that the NFL wouldn’t be more fun with commissioner Marshawn running the show.