Marshawn Lynch inspired man to lose 170 pounds, start running marathons

Marshawn Lynch is a man of few words, but a few of them got through to Jake McCluskey, who dropped 170 pounds in less than two years and now runs marathons.

McCluskey was “a 380-pound sloth” who “spent his free time gulping down beer and snacking on sweets,” according to Matt Calkins of the Seattle Times, before Lynch’s famous “I’m just ‘bout that action, boss” comment to Deion Sanders at Super Bowl media day two years ago roused him to make a change.

Incredibly, these words inspired McCluskey to turn his life around. Now, instead of pounding beers and munching down snacks, he’s running marathons and has lost almost half his previous body weight.

“I had been thinking that it had been time to make a change for a while, and after I watched that interview, I immediately went out for my first run,” said McCluskey, 42. “It wasn’t anything I was seeking out, but somehow it came to my attention at a time that I needed it most.”

After his first initial run at 3 o’clock in the morning, McCluskey kept it up and was running five miles at a time within two months. It wasn’t long before he finished his first half-marathon and was still eager for more.

McCluskey still watches the YouTube video of Lynch’s interview “about 50 times per week,” according to Calkins. He refuses to give himself any breaks as he continues transforming his body from obesity to fitness and won’t skip a day of training.

“I can’t,” said McCluskey, who dropped more than 140 pounds in those first 12 months. “Because if I skipped one day, it would be easy for me to skip two.”

He wants Lynch to know how much he helped him, saying “he saved my life,” but isn’t dead-set on meeting his savior.

For his part, the shy running back was still a man of few words when he saw pictures of McCluskey and heard his story.

“That’s gangsta,” he said to Calkins, who writes Lynch had nothing else to add.

And that’s all that needs to be said.