Mariners use ‘Smash Mouth’ song to troll fans into making their All-Star votes

By Matt Johnson

It’s that special time of year again in baseball when teams are doing everything they can to promote their players for the All-Star Game. Some methods are repeated, but every now and then a team comes up with a creative idea to get fans out to vote.

In the case of the Seattle Mariners, the organization trolled their fans at Safeco Field on Friday by playing the song “All Star” by Smash Mouth on loudspeakers throughout the stadium until 1,000 fans filled out their All-Star Game ballots.

It’s a creative approach by the Mariners and one that should only further boost fan support for a team with one of the best records in baseball.

It also helps that with Jean Segura, Dee Gordon, Nelson Cruz, Mitch Haniger and Mike Zunino, Seattle has more candidates deserving of consideration for a spot on the A.L’s All-Star roster than it has in several years.