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Marcus Williams sends message of appreciation to ‘real fans’ on Twitter

Jesse Reed
Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

New Orleans Saints safety Marcus Williams made one of the most memorable plays of the 2017 when he infamously whiffed on the game-winning touchdown pass from Case Keenum to Stefon Diggs (watch here).

The rookie was absolutely devastated after the game and spent time sobbing in his hands in the locker room before somehow finding the courage to dry his eyes and face reporters.

Then on Monday after having more time to absorb the magnitude of it all, Williams sent a message to his fans on Twitter.

After suffering through such an agonizing failure, this young man is showing the world his true strength. Some pro athletes never recover from these kinds of mistakes. They can haunt them forever. Based on what Williams has done since that fated play, it seems clear he’s going to only get stronger because of it.

Bravo, young man. We wish you nothing but the best.