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Lynn Bowden Jr. Grandmother’s Home Raided by DEA, Las Vegas Raiders Draft Pick Not Arrested nor Suspected in Wrongdoing

Scott Gulbransen
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In concerning news out of Youngstown, Ohio this morning, the home of Las Vegas Raiders third-round draft pick Lynn Bowden Jr.’s grandmother was raided by federal and local authorities.

Updated 1:33pm PT

Drug Enforcement Agency and the U.S. Marshall’s office staged an early morning raid on the home of Las Vegas Raiders draft pick Lynn Bowden Jr’s grandmother in Youngstown, Ohio, on Wednesday morning.

In photos released by local media, Lynn Bowden Jr. can be seen handcuffed on the front porch of the residence even though he hasn’t been charged or arrested for a crime.

According to local reports, law enforcement alleges illegal narcotics have been sold from the residence and their morning search found a cache of loaded weapons. Investigators have said drug purchases have been made at the home.

Although reports say it was Bowden’s home in the past, the player’s mother and agent said he was not living there and was just visiting.

“Please stop my son is not arrested that’s not his home it’s our grandmas house and she’s never been in trouble in her entire life,” Bowden’s mother Melissa Phillips tweeted. “So the information is very inaccurate.

Many early reports incorrectly identified the home as Bowdens, which it is not. He was only visiting with his young son.

Bowden has been living in Lexington, Kentucky, with his girlfriend and young son. The home is owned by Bowden’s grandmother and, according to the reports, had 11 other residents.

Bowden was the 80th overall pick of the Raiders in the third round of the 2020 NFL Draft and recently appeared on our own Silver and Black Today radio show on CBS Sports Radio 1140. He was described as one of the most exciting players in college football last season and a steal of this season’s draft.

We will keep you up-to-date as more information comes in about this developing story.

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