The Washington Wizards hosted the Philadelphia 76ers on Wednesday. We also saw a brief Twitter battle, which hilariously involved the NFL teams of each city.

The Wizards handily defeated the 76ers. As the game was nearing its end, the Philadelphia fans in attendance began chanting for the Philadelphia Eagles, who are preparing for a Divisional Round game against the New Orleans Saints.

This prompted the Wizards to ask the 76ers a rather simple question on Twitter.

That’s a fair inquiry. It’s safe to say that whoever runs Philadelphia’s Twitter page was prepared to handle such a question.

We love good social media banter between opposing teams. This was definitely good banter.

As far as who won this exchange, we’re awarding the 76ers with a rather decisive victory. Given what happened on the court, they can take some comfort in getting at least one win on Wednesday.

Michael Dixon
Bay Area born and raised, I have extensive experience in both the print and online worlds. There are few things in this world I love doing more than talking sports.