LOOK: Warriors hang out with President Obama while in D.C.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The defending champion Golden State Warriors are in Washington D.C. playing the Wizards Thursday night. Having won the title last season, this trip would normally include a visit with the current president.

Due to political rhetoric and other differences between the Warriors and President Trump, that never came to fruition.

Instead, the champs decided to pay a visit to former President Barack Obama while in the nation’s capital.

There’s obviously a point that’s being made here. Though, we’re not exactly too sure what it is. By now, it’s well known that a lot of stars around the NBA don’t have a great relationship with President Trump. That includes the Warriors. Maybe that’s the point.

In any event, this can be seen as Golden State tossing shade in the direction of the White House’s current occupant. Whether it leads to a tweet from President Trump remains to be seen.