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LOOK: Troy Aikman not happy about this Ryan Fitzpatrick comparison

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is off to a red-hot start. He’s totaled nine touchdowns through two games, a number that matches how many scores the veteran had put up in six of his previous 13 seasons.

While Fitzpatrick has been great, no one will sit back and compare him to a Hall of Fame quarterback. Heck, Fitzpatrick won’t even do that.

Well, leave it up to a Twitter user to suggest that former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman isn’t a Hall of Famer because Fitzpatrick has more touchdowns passes in fewer games than his counterpart.


What’s so great about this? Aikman himself — now a Fox Sports personality — decided to respond. It’s a two-word response, but it’s still all sorts of grand.

That comparison is quite the stretch there. While technically true, comparing stats between eras makes absolutely no sense. Jay Cutler finished his career throwing for 10 less touchdowns than Jim Kelly and only 46 fewer than Joe Montana. Does this mean Cutler compares to them in any way? Of course not.

They are meaningless stats to bring up. As a three-time Super Bowl champ, Aikman recognized that and decided to put this troll in his place. A job well done by this old-timer.