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LOOK: Tom Brady finally got his hands on 2000 NFL Draft card for first time ever

Jesse Reed
Tom Brady
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Brady has never forgotten that every NFL team passed him over at least six times during the 2000 NFL Draft. On Sunday, he shared that he finally got his hands on the card that New England sent up to the podium over 19 years ago.

“I finally got a chance to hold my draft card a few hours ago at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton. Never forget where you came from,” Brady wrote.

Here’s Brady holding his 2000 NFL Draft card.


The best part?

“Compensatory Selection.”

Sunday was quite an auspicious day for Mr. Brady, it seems. Not only did he get his hands on this bit of history for the first time ever, but he also inked a huge two-year extension with the New England Patriots.